My first Hermes Scarf

  1. I choose the New Orleans Creole Jazz scarf, I love the colors! Reminds me of the Mardi Gras colors.
    Hermes New Orleans Jazz Scarf.jpg hermes new orleans jazz scarf2 (2).jpg hermes new orleans jazz scarf3 (2).jpg
  2. More...
    and a pic of the new Hermes Capitals Enamel Bracelet.
    hermes new orleans jazz scarf4 (2).jpg hermes capitals enamel bracelet (2).jpg
  3. YAY!!

    You know I was going to recommend that scarf when I saw you were from the Gulf coast...but hesitated.

    Lovely scarf!!!
  4. ^^^^^ I know the bracelet is hard to see, but it spells HERMES all around the bracelet. This was my first Hermes purchase along w/ the 24 Fabroug.
    The colors on the scarf are amazing, so vivid and vibrant. It is truly a work of art!!!
  5. OOOoooo....fabulous PennyD! What a way to start with H scarves!
  6. Thank you Quinn's Mom

    Always "speak Up" I am always welcome to suggestions. I am new to Hermes, although for a year now I have wanted to start purchasing Hermes exclusively. I have up to now only purchased Chanel items. I am here to learn from the more experienced members on the board and value and appreciate the opinions and suggestions of those of you with a purchasing history, knowledge and understanding of the House of Hermes.
  7. Thanks harleyNemma, it makes me even prouder of my first purchase when you ladies approve!
  8. We approve of your happiness which is most important! I still remember my first H purchase (a scarf). Your purchase takes me back to that moment - so sweet! Thank you for sharing your excitement!
  9. I have that scarf too and I just love it!
  10. Great scarf, congratulations!!

  11. awwwww.... such a sweet thing to say. I can hardly begin to imagine my excitement when I finally receive the call that one of my JPG or my Birkin 35cm has arrived:nuts:. And to think I have ladies and gents here that will understand and appreciate that excitement and most of all share it with me.
  12. guccigal07 - we are scarf twins! LOL

    Rose - thanks, I am sure this is just the beginning of an obsession. It is just so beautiful!!
  13. ^^^ It is!!! It's is a beauty, looking forward to seeing modeling shots, I have never seen anyone wearing this one before, I bet it looks gorgeous!
  14. FABULOUS scarf!!!!! I love it!
  15. Rose - I will have to post pics. I am planning on wearing it at the waist with a 2 piece black silk outfit.
    AuthenticLux - thanks - I just thought living on the Gulf Coast 2 hours east of New Orleans it would be fitting for my first scarf.