My first Hermes - Red Kelly 32 with SH

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  1. Hi all Ladies!

    I am new to Hermes. I was a big fan of Chanel. I always bought Chanel handbags.
    I was lucky to have this red kelly few days ago. I have been falling in love with my new red kelly. :heart: It is so lovely...

    They are my red family :P
    Thank you!
    IMG_2532.JPG red_kelly2.jpg IMG_2560.JPG
  2. I adore red bags! It looks lovely against your black and grey outfit:tup:
  3. You will love it and reach for it often. Enjoy your bags in the best of health.
  4. Congratulations on your beautiful new Kelly. Can you give us the specs on the bag...size, leather, color name? Red is one of my faves! Gorgeous!
  5. congrats on your new red kelly and your red chanel bags are lovely too ^^
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    32, Chevre with out-stitch
    Oh, I don't know the colour name exactly. It was really hard to get a red kelly from Hermes boutique. I bought it from a re-seller shop.

    Thank you :smile:
  7. Ohmigosh, your red kelly and your red collection are gorgeous. Congratulations.

    Specifics on the kelly please.
  8. Beautiful! Red is an amazing color! Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of H!
  9. Congrats! This looks like Rouge Vif Chevre de Coromandel. A lovely red in a stunning leather, well done! Wonderful, wonderful start to your H journey.

  10. Welcome to tPF!! You look great with your new Kelly!! Congratulations!!!

  11. Thank you very much! :biggrin: love red as well. Nice!
  12. congrats! welcome to the slippery orange side
  13. Welcome to the world of orange, love the color of your new bag!
  14. congratulations! it's a lovely kelly and you wear the colour so well!
  15. I was comparing two red kelly bags. I picked this red chevre bag. Happy :yahoo: