My first hermes purchase over the weekend!!

  1. I just can't believe myself purchasing my first Hermes yesterday. Frankly speaking, I went to the shop just once before yesterday and got so intimidate by .. (don't know) SA? , lack of product info ... Since then, I've been in this forum and gather all the info. And I thought it's time! .... I went in around 2pm ... and get out at 2.30 with this fabulous purchase! :yahoo::heart: !!
  2. yeeha!!!! what goodies did you get?
  3. Here it is ...
  4. Ooooo, a bag?:nuts:
  5. C'mon, hurry up, show us the good stuff.
  6. To be continued very soon :p !! (have to go out now, so sorry)
    H2.JPG H3.JPG
  7. A Gold Lindy!
  8. I wanna see!
  9. Wow... I guess you got over your fear of stepping into an H store... Congrats. It looks delish even from this picture...

  10. Congrats on your Lindy.
  11. oh Lindy! congrats on the new baby!!
  12. Wow!!! Congrats! Show us.. show us...!!! lol
  13. A Lindy!! Show all!
  14. Lindy is being a little minx...she's provocatively showing us a little skin...COME ON, TAKE IT ALL OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Gold Lindy?