My first Hermes..Kelly or Birkin?

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  1. My DH always let's me pick something special for our anniversary. I was thinking of an Hermes bag. I always thought it would be a Kelly because of the shoulder strap ,but have always heard the Birkin is like a rite of passage. What do you all think?
    Thanks alot T.J.;)
  2. Hmmm...I'm partial to Birkins, and I do agree with you that they seem to be a rite of passage. My DH promised me a Birkin when I give birth to our first child (we've recently married). I don't plan to have kids for another two years, but I do plan to drag him to the Hermes store that's opening in our area soon to put my name on the list for a green Birkin. ;)
  3. Well, if you are fortunate enough to walk into a boutique where there is a Birkin on display, I definitely recommend at least trying it on! The choice between Birkin or Kelly is a very personal one and it depends on many things: lifestyle, fashion preferences, whether you want/need a shoulder strap, your feelings about an open vs. closed bag...
    And that's all assuming that you can find a Birkin in a size, color, leather and hardware you want. Kellys are much easier to find and unless you already have an SA who loves you and is willing to go the extra mile for you, buying a Kelly is a far less frustrating process in my personal opinion.

    Good luck with your choice!
  4. How will you be wearing it? If you want something to look very casual, with jeans, go for a Birkin (If you can get one!). If you want something dressier, go for a Kelly, although I would recommend a Kelly retourne before a sellier. However, if you can't find the leather you really like in a Birkin and can get it in a Kelly, go for the leather you really want.
  5. I agree with CynthiaNYC. If you cannot see a birkin and kelly in your H store, use this site to see which style bag will fit with your lifestyle and needs. There are lots of great threads and pictures to determine type of bag, size, leather and hardware.
  6. Wow! I really never thought there was such a difference between the two. Kind of like really defining myself sort of by which type I wear. I guess that means I'll have to have both because I'm both types of people. I have to dress up for work 3 fays a week and the other days are spent in jeans.. Now the question of color?
    Thanks for the great thoughts. Just makes it that much more fun!
  7. I definitely agree! :tup:
  8. LOL, that's the spirit!!
  9. cwj-tlj, I agree with everyone to check out all the resources here, you might find your 1st Hermes bag is not a Birkin or Kelly. I came here thinking, "I'm going to get a Birkin..." and now my mind is firm on getting a Bolide first. You just never know. :smile:
  10. I've started to be a little conflicted, too. I always thought my first "big" H purchase would be a Kelly. But the idea of a Birkin is slowly creeping in. I have my Evelyne when I need a shoulder bag, so was thinking "maybe" a Birkin. I'm soooo conflicted.

    If you can, I think both would be great. They are indeed so different that having both seems ideal.
  11. I love both styles! Why not get either a kelly or a birkin (whichever u see first), and then getting the other later on... that seems like the ideal situation, LOL!