My first Hermes item!!

  1. I bougt the H bangle in gold and orange on my holiday. I got it in Avignon, France, where I also spotted a dark green Kelly and a Black or very dark brown CROCODILE Birkin..

    I got the re-edition vintage 70x70 scarf for my mom. Kelly in Caleche in black and gold, but I liked the scarf in brown and orange much better for myself, didn't buy THAT though..

    LOVELY sales people, I have been to the store before with my mom and she bought s watch ..
  2. Congrats and you saw a Croc Birkin. What a great day
  3. Forgot to post pics..

  4. Love ur bracelet-how beautiful was the croc-I have never actually seen one !
  5. It was VERY gorgeus, but I think it must have been a 35, but then again, I really havent been told the sizes of the bags I have seen..
  6. Mai Britt-Gorgeous bracelet. ;)
  7. Congratulations on your first Clic Clac, Mai Britt. How lucky to see a croc birkin in the store!
  8. So pretty, congratulations!!
  9. Congratulations!! Very pretty bangle. Good luck with your Birkin quest.
  10. Congrats! That's a lovely bracelet.
    And how lucky you are to see a Croc Birkin in the store! You will come to realize that it's rather unusual. It must be a sign! You're meant to be an Hermes lover :heart:
  11. I totally agree.. even though I have wanted but not WANTED a birkin for years (untill now) I have spent my money on chanel and vuitton.. now I feel like I can save my money without using them when I see a gorgeus piece of chanel for 2000$ .. it will take at least 2 1/2 years at least to save for it with my salary, but it will be worth it and so rewording!

    I actually must correct, I am not sure if it is croc or alligator I saw.. I have no idea to see the difference, but I knew it was unusual and perhaps rarer to see in a store.
  12. That bracelet is stunning!
  13. Love the braclet, Congrats.
  14. Congrats on the bracelet! It's gorgeous.
  15. Many congrats on your lovely Clic H such a great combination. And sight of a Croc Birkin too, what a treat!