MY FIRST HERMES ITEM~come take a peek~

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  1. This is my first post to the Hermes Forum, i have been lurking around this forum as I would like to own one in the future.... on a last minute plan, DH and I decided to take our 1 week vacation to Florida...:yes: both our first time since we live in the west coast. Since there is no H store where we live, I secretly checked the Hermes website to find H locations in Florida just in case we happen to drive by one:P
  2. Lo and Behold, there are 3 H stores in Florida, Naples, Bal Harbor and West Palm Beach!! Lucky me, we stopped by 2 of the 3 :yahoo: Bal Harbor and West Palm Beach (Worth Avenue). Since Hermes is way out of my price range but would still like to bring home my first Hermes item, DH finally gave in...
  3. Enough of the chitchat, here's my first "ORANGE BOX"
  4. SHOW US!!! So excited...I have a handful of small H items but have never visited a boutique. :popcorn:
  5. well my ONE AND ONLY BOX...... at least for now ;)
  6. oh yay! how exciting!! :woohoo: show us what you got!!
  7. As you can tell from the box, it's not a very big item but I'm still proud to own one of the lovely pieces of Hermes
  8. Yay!
  9. Here it is, can you tell what it is???
  10. Hmm...looks a bit like a scarf box...
  11. Oops...I was way off! Is it the Ulysse agenda?
  12. Ulysse mm in orange?

    Congrats, BTW!
  13. Ooooh... an orange ulysse. very pretty!!!
  14. Yes, you guys are sooooo good!!! :yes::tup:
  15. Here it is, Orange Ulysse Agenda MM