My First Hermes is here!!

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  1. I haven't been around here long, just a couple of months, but I have been reading so much! I have enjoyed all of the information and the anticipation of new bags so much. My 40th birthday is just around the corner and I decided to take the plunge. I had tried the picotin but it just wasn't me. After a trip to Hermes and hours of looking and talking to others I decided on a Blue Jean Togo 32 Souple Kelly w/palladium HW. It is absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for letting me share!! :heart: :love:

  2. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: it!!!!! Congrats!!!:biggrin:
  3. Great choice!!!
  4. It's GORGEOUS! Open the champagne and celebrate, Luvs!!!!! I'm so happy for you....the Kelly is a timeless classic and this one will go with everything for years to come. Happy Birthday! You are 40 years young!!!!:yahoo:
  5. Opening a bottle of Louis Roederer champagne ... pouring it into the glass ... toasting around the world for your first Hermès! Woo hoo!
  6. yay!!! It's beautiful!! I love the charm also
  7. Conratulations! It's absolutely stunning:heart: . A very special way to celebrate your birthday! I like that it has the more formal shape of the kelly but the more casual elements of the leather & colour. You'll be wearing it least, I would be!:lol:
  8. Congrats, and Happy Birthday! It's gorgeous:love: . Like your charm.
  9. Congratulations!! That is a great color!! Happy Birthday!!
  10. GORGEOUS~~~ Happy Birthday~
  11. Congrats! The bag is gorgeous and the charm is soo cute!!!
  12. Oh - Happy Happy birthday! Congrats on the beautiful Kelly!

  13. love it love it love it.
    SO happy for you.
  14. Happy birthday and beautiful bag! Welcome to the addicting world of Hermes...
  15. It is soo pretty! Congrats
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