My first Hermes is a.....Bolide.

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  1. To get you up to speed on my search story, I sold most of my "It" bags on the marketplace and put the money aside for a Hermes. I don't live within shopping distance of a Hermes boutique and so I have been perusing resellers consignments and Ebay. I feel pretty confident now about spotting fakes but I also used some of the experts on this forum to look at a couple of my picks(thanks guys- you know who you are). As much as I love and want a Birkin I can't afford the resellers price that they go for so that was just out of my league and I tried not to look at them. I had a beautiful Kelly all picked out and was ready to buy when the auction got pulled and the item was sold privately.
    So I just kept coming back to this pretty little Blue Jean Bolide- 31 cm, Togo leather, Mou construction, 2004 purse bought at the Atlanta Boutique, 1 previous owner who used it 3 times. The auction ended before I could bid on it so I contacted the owner and made her an offer which she accepted. She was so nice and sent a celebration card with the purse so I could almost feel like I had gone to a boutique myself.
    I am such a casual dresser that I really thought I would get a lot of use out of a Bolide. I still want a Birkin or Kelly someday as well but I will have to save up. I am just in awe of the construction of the purse- it is so substantial and weighty. The size is perfect for me. I have a photo from the auction so I can give you a sneak preview but I will take another one at home later so you can see that it is truly mine.:smile:

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  2. That color is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!
  3. Love the color!!
  4. Congrats! it's so pretty.
  5. congratulations on your first Hermes!! the color is really beautiful!! enjoy!! and more pics of course!
  6. oh, so lovely:love: :love: , my favorite color choice~~~~:love: :love: :nuts:

  7. Congrats! Fabulous color.
  8. nice color congrats.
  9. Is Susi the seller? She is a lovely women and have an awesome collection. You are one lucky gal! Your BJ bolide is just gorgeous!!! Congrats :smile:
  10. Yes it was Susi- do you know her? She was just the nicest person ever to deal with.

    Thanks everyone for the compliments.
  11. We are on another board together.
    I think my next hermes will be a bolide, I am totally drooling over yours :smile:
  12. It's beautiful! Enjoy - I love the color and I saw that on e-bay! I, too, am and e-bay Hermes buyer only I bought first and then came here freaking out about the authenticity (thankfully it was another reputable seller)! Sometimes I tend to do things arse backwards! Congratulations!:love:
  13. Oh, gorgeous!! I saw this auction and almost bid! I've decided to hold out for Clemence in this same bag - so glad one of "us" got it! I agree, Susui is a great seller!
  14. I'm glad I got it too, I panicked once they pulled that Kelly that I asked you to look at for me and thought that I was going to lose out on this one as well. I did have to wait a short while for another person to decline before it was offered to me. Clemence sounds like a good choice for it- smooshier:love: even.

    Thanks Shoes- I love both of your Hermes. Backwards or not you ended up with lovely bags.
  15. Beautiful color, I dont see that color on the bolide very often :biggrin: