My first purchase!

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  1. I made my first purchase - a pocket square - for my new (to me) Kelly... this is very addictive! I covet my first orange box and all of the accoutrements as much as the bag itself!
    fleurs.jpg fleurs&kelly.jpg
  2. Aaaahhh, I love that little scarf! And it just suits your Kelly perfectly! Congratulations!
  3. What a pretty pocket square! So feminine. And it goes well with your Kelly.
  4. that's too pretty! i have yet to buy online......hmmmmmmmmm.
  5. Congrats- the bag and scarf- beautiful.
  6. What a lovely little gavroche! The color is so fresh. Congratulations and wear her well!
  7. So pretty! I've been eyeing that one in the red colorway. Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  8. Congratulations.Beautiful.I would love to be able to order online but don't think you can from England.If you heard a noise just then it was my lovely husband sighing in relief.
  9. Beautiful pouchette! I LOVE the colors and she looks lovely on your STUNNING Grande Dame!!!!!!
  10. I have this scarf in the red colorway. I love the colors in yours, I had not seen that one before. It looks so pretty tied to your bag. Oh, and I really like your bag too.
  11. that is a gorgoues color :heart:

    It looks really beautiful together!:yahoo:
  12. So pretty! And I adore your Kelly!
  13. Very very pretty! I love it! It's a perfect length to tie around a bag---hmm.....may have to look into one of these babies!
  14. You all are so lovely. You know, part of the pleasure in collecting these treasures is being able to share them with people who appreciate them! You all do that for me... for that, and your kind words, thank you!! :flowers:
  15. ... and NOW I know what pouchette means! :yes:
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