My first Hermes Birkin! (help)

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Dec 12, 2006
My bf wants to buy me a Birkin on my birthday so he booked tickets to Paris to buy it from the boutique in Paris (24 faubourg-st honore)! The problem is i do not know if i will find what i'm looking for. Should i make up my mind in advance and if yes what if they do not have what i want? And also i would like to see them from up close. In general what would you suggest???
Jan 15, 2011


Jul 11, 2014
My suggestion is to read through the tpf and do lots of research. Figure out what colour / leather / hardware / size you like and make some deal breakers. Eg if you dont like dark colours and you get offered one in a dark colour then perhaps your bf should be mindful NOT to get it. Otherwise if your bf is lucky enough to find one, he should snap it up!

Good luck hunting!


Feb 11, 2013
Hong Kong
Agree with Lady S and QuelleFromage, read through the helpful threads on this topic, and it's also easier to make a list of things you don't want rather than what you want. It is difficult enough to get a Birkin from an H store these days (even in Paris) that you don't want to narrow your criteria too much. For me most important considerations are size, leather, colour and hardware, in that order. But it's different for each person. If you have never carried one before and want to "try on" different ones, you can visit reseller shops. If there are none in your city, there are quite a few in Paris - the most extensive collection is at Catherine B in the 6th. They display vintage pieces but often have new ones in the back (also be warned the guy there can be quite snotty to non-French people, and he made some very disparaging comments about Asians to me which was quite irritating). But most important of all, just enjoy Paris while you're there with your bf! So many people get caught up with trying to score a B that they forget to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities on the planet! Good luck!


Oct 9, 2012
such a lucky gal :smile:
congrats. now, the important thing is:
1. find out what you don't want (e.g. maybe you don't like a certain color)
2. keep the options open as they might offer a really nice one but not in a color you specify.
so, keep the options open as like most of us Hermes lovers, it's going to be 1 of your many many H items to come. there will be more to come, darling.
I originally just wanted 1 color in a type of H bag and years later, I got 7 in different colors haha.

good luck, and let us know what he gets for you.



Jan 18, 2014
Lala Land
Feel so excited for you!
Please do all the research online and here in PF, on size, colour, leather, hardware. Its summer now and the boutique will be really crowded so it is better to be precise.

Also learn from the experience of others here and invent your own strategy to score your B!
Wishing you best of luck and keep us posted in the Hermes Shopping sub-forum.
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