My first Hermes/best V-day & B-Day ever!

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  1. My dbf has been longing to move me from Bottega Veneta to Hermes for quite some time. He started me off slow with some perfume and a pocket square he lets me use to adorn my bags.....Until now. And when I tell you that kronik (he's a tpf member) does things in style...I do mean it. Behold, to my amazement, my joint Valentine's Day/Birthday presents!:yahoo:

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  2. Oh my!!! So...lemme get this straight. Your BF is trying to get you to go orange???? Marry him RIGHT NOW!

    So unwrap those babies!
  3. Oh what a great boyfriend! I can't wait to see what's in your pretty orange boxes...:popcorn:
  4. WOW! A man enabling Hermes! Does he have a brother or 10?
  5. Kronik, if I recall, is a true purse loving BF, on the scale of Mr. Petpringles! Dervilfal, congrats on all those orange boxes!!!!!
  6. Holy cow - my first live reveal and look at all those boxes...can't wait!
  7. HAHA!! That is sooo funny!! I can't believe it's your bf that's enbabling Hermes! Would get lots of girls here jealous ;)
  8. what a dbf!! Open, open.
  9. As Irishlass said: Marry him faaaaaaaaast!!
  10. Okay, start opening boxes or else I'll have to start guessing what's in them! And I am SO not good at that!
  11. Hmmmm...where could she be? Think she ran off and eloped with BF?!?
  12. It's been almost an hour! Don't MAKE me come over there!
  13. #13 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    Ok here goes! My very first Vision Agenda in Violet and the beautiful Orange Carmencita pageholder!!!

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  14. Yay!!! (Thank goodness...I really didn't want to go all the way to DC tonight!)

    I love violet! Is that a Vision? And I love carmencitas!
  15. Irishlass I thought she left us to go marry her boyfriend tonight:P