My First Hermes bag!

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  1. I am so excited, just received this beauty (sorry FedEx man that I was a sad sight when I answered the door still in my pjs with half my hair done).

    I have always loved this bag but could never pull the trigger as I only buy GHW bags and have never found this bag with GHW. Then it hit me that the bag doesn't really have a lot of HW any ways, so no sense getting hung up on such a small detail.

    Next was what colour to get? I debated between gold and red and then suddenly decided I wanted black and there it was on the website - black GM!

    I am tall so I called customer service to find out the max length of the strap and WOW they were so helpful. They found a strap to measured it for me and then called me back.
    I ordered the bag off the website and then they called me the next day and left a message to call them back. I was so nervous they were calling to say the bag was sold to someone else and the order was cancelled BUT all they wanted to congratulate me on the bag and make sure someone would be home to sign for the bag as delivery required a signature, or did I want it delivered elsewhere? So helpful!

    Here is my black Evelyne GM (it's so smooshy!!!)

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  2. Congrats slang, Evie is a great bag [emoji1]
  3. Fantastic bag
  4. Happy for you! Enjoy your Evie!
  5. A PERFECT H will always love this, I'm sure! You can't get a more classic combination! And I would have opened the door to FedEx in the same condition if I knew a delivery from H was on the other side!
  6. congrats! i got mine recently too (in etain), you will love it!!!
  7. Thanks everyone!

    I just came back from running errands with this bag, it is PERFECT!!!

    The only thing (just an observation, not at a complaint) is the leather is so gorgeous and smooshy that I needed to put in a bag insert which is fine as it organizes all my junk!

    How sick am I that I am already thinking if I got another one what colour would I get? Definitely the next one is going to be a bright colour!
  8. You aren't sick at all! ARE and so are all the rest of us! Congratulations on a stunning bag!
  9. Lovely bag, congrats!
  10. Classic and so practical :tup:

    congratulations to you
  11. Congratulations! It really is such a wonderful and functional bag. Enjoy!!!
  12. Beautiful! Congrats!
  13. Nice bag. Congrats
  14. Congratulations on getting this bag. It is a great starter bag and will be very useful. I didn't know has great aftersale service. Even called you to ensure there is someone home to sign for the package? I wonder if it I because you placed the order over the phone.

    Either way, congrats again! Enjoy the bag and hope many more to come.
  15. Hey Slang! Nice to see you in H-Land. :biggrin: Congrats on your lovely Evie! :tup:
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