My First Hermes Bag

  1. just received my black GPT :heart: will post pictures later ,can u please tell me the blindstamp says J and I in square --what does it mean__TIA
  2. I in square is 2005. J is probably for the atelier.

    Congratulations!!!! Looking forward to the pics!
  3. the pict:heart: ures
  4. sorry for being ignorant but what is atelier in hermes language???
  5. It means the workshop where the bag was crafted. There are apparently a number of them. HG knows more.
  6. Beautiful bag!
  7. This just looks wonderful...very lucky day for you. Enjoy it.
  8. Beautiful bag.... i love that bag so much....:yes:
  9. Congratulations, Uma and welcome to the GPT-lovers club!! Your new GPT is gorgeous!!
  10. congrats on you'r first hermes bag its perfect and i know it wont be your last:graucho:
  11. congrats, love the scarf, too. :biggrin:
  12. omg i need to have a GPT..congrats!!!! :love: :yahoo:
  13. [​IMG]

    Congratulations :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Is this the special Garden Party that comes with the special lining and twilly (i.e. twilly not sold separately)? What does "GPT" stand for?
  14. It's gorgeous! Congratulations!
  15. Uma,

    Congrats! Beautiful, elegant bag!!!