My first Hermès bag!!!

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  1. It's my first thread in the Hermès section! I was more an LV girl but the orange side called me! I only have one H bag. I hope to buy more soon!

    It's an Evelyne PM2 in epsom chocolat!
    I love that bag, I'm a mother of a little girl (2 years old) and it's perfect for me!!!

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  2. Beautiful....what a yummy colour!
  3. Some modeling pics...

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  4. Love it with your carmen
  5. Thank you Mooks!
  6. Great look! I have the same in white, but brown will definitely be more practical if you have young kids. Enjoy!
  7. That is a great first H bag!! Congratulations!! It really does look perfect on you! May I ask how tall you are? I heard it is a bit short to wear cross-body, but the evelyne falls perfectly on you! That is the only thing holding me back from buying one!
  8. That is so lovely and yummy! Looks great on you!
  9. Congratulations! Welcome to the madness...
  10. Yeah!! Congratulations and it looks great on you! A perfect bag for a young child.
  11. Congratulations, great 1st bag!!
  12. oooh! congrats, lilou! I love to colour and the carmen with it!
  13. Thank you all!!!
    Kelly32, I'm pretty small! I'm 5.3.
  14. Im with Kelly32! I am 5'8 and wondering if the evelyn would work for me =) How tall are you?
  15. My Serendipity if the evelyne strap is too small you can add an hermes chain like 3H