My first Hermes bag is finally here!!!

  1. Some of you know that I have been wanting this bag for some time now.

    She arrived today in all her glory!!
    Hermes Kelly 32 Black 1.jpg Hermes Kelly 32 Black 2.jpg
  2. I want to see...I want to see!:nuts:
  3. I'm so excited that I can't really do a long reveal. LOL
  4. Me too!
  5. :drinkup:
    Hermes Kelly 32 Black 3.jpg
  6. Here's a little peek.
    Hermes Kelly 32 Black 4.jpg
  7. *cues the music and waves the $$$$*

    Take it alllll off, baby!
  8. How EXCITING!!!! A Black Box Kelly????
  9. I wish I could drag this out half the night, but I'm so thrilled to finally have this lovely bag, that I have to get on with it. LOL
    Hermes Kelly 32 Black 5.jpg
  10. I Wanna See It!!!!!!pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzeeeeeee!!!
  11. hautemom - You're very good!
  12. black!!!!!!:yes:
  13. Piperlu--how exciting!!! Congrats!!!! Classic black box---what a wonderful and perfect first H-bag!!!
  14. Isn't she gorgeous!!!!
    Hermes Kelly 32 Black 6.jpg
  15. Wow, she is a pretty little thing, isn't she!