My first Hermes bag ... and thank you!

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  1. Hi all

    I've been a lurker in the past, having only been a Hermes scarf collector before. But, we all grow and the leather lust has taken me recently. After losing last year's bonus to a tax bill I resolved that this year I would either blow the cash on a bag or go to the Paris sale - or both!

    Anyway, having originally been attracted by an orange picotin then seeing the Lindy (all pictures, I hadn't opened the cases at the boutique yet) I finally resolved to visit the store and play. In the meantime an acquaintance offered me the chance to buy her Kelly and, after visiting the store, browsing the leather books and trying the bags, I knew that the Kelly was the bag I wanted. That's where you guys came in!

    The amount of information on colours, sizes, styles and leathers, backed up with so many photographs, was what really made the final decision easier. And as of yesterday I am the proud owner of a 32cm Kelly in raisin Clemence! WooHoo! and thank you!

  2. CONGRATS on your lovely Kelly!!!! How about some action photos?
  3. gorgeous!!! what an absolutely fabulous first hermes bag!! i am soooo jealous!! raisin is the best! enjoy!

    sorry for all the ! it's just a really great bag!
  4. Is your new kelly the pic in your avatar? It it is what a beautiful color!
  5. Yummy!!! Gorgeous, what a fab first H bag!!!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! Raisin is a fabulous color!
  7. Hi hlfinn

    Thank you so much for sharing my excitement so emphatically! "!" is exactly how I feel!!

  8. Hi

    Yes indeed it is - I will never look as good as the bag does! Not the best pic (daylight fading etc.) but I needed to take one right away to preserve the post-box-opening moment...

  9. Hi

    Thank you! Will see what I can do - the bag makes it's debut tomorrow. Needless to say, I will be wearing a big smile!

    Love the cat avatar - yours? (same question to hlfinn too...)
  10. yes, those are mine. 2 seal point siamese boys. which is great until they open their cute kitty mouths. lol
  11. scaethoven what a gorgeous bag, congratulations!
  12. Sam ~ a big congrats.. Your kelly is beautiful. More pictures please.

    hlfinn ~ I grew up with siamese & love 'em especially their personalities.
  13. sus- me too. had them my entire life. mostly seal points but one blue point. she was nucking futs. now my mom and brother both have seal points from the same breeder as mine so they're all related.
  14. They are adorable! Mine is just a moggy but has his cute moments...
    Nippy cropped.jpg
  15. Congrats!