My first Hermes bag!!!! After much indecision, i chose. . .

  1. . . ..a Massai!!! I originally was after a birkin, but had posted in another thread my dilemma about which bag to get, and was afraid I needed a shoulder bag, and something a little "sportier" to suit my lifestyle. I had never really considered a massai until i saw one in real life at my boutique, freshly arrived!!! Pics of Duna and Traceyd with their massais really helped, too. I went in to try it on for size, and decided instantly that the PM gold clemence with gold hardware was absolutely perfect and had to come home with me !!! The PM is perfect for me, since I'm petite! Just had to post to share my excitement for my first bag, :yahoo:especially since I got so much help from all you ladies!!!! :flowers::flowers::flowers: I love the color, i love the leather, i love the "slouchiness" and i love the herringbone toile (?) it is lined in. . .so this is what its like to own an Hermes bag!!!! Yay!!!:yahoo: . . ..hmm, what's next???? :lol:

    forgot to mention: Will try to post pics soon, but gotta get DH to set up the whole camera thingy, I am technically challenged!
  2. OH MY GOD!!!! That bag sounds phenomenal!!! How wonderful! Such a great first Hermes bag to get! Please post pics soon, I can't wait to see it! Congratulations!!!!
  3. Congrats! Post pics soon!
  4. Congrats!!!!!! Pics please.
  5. Congratulations! I love the Massai, it is so functional yet looks so elegant.
  6. sounds wonderful! can't wait to see pics!!
  7. Yes!!!! Congrats!!!!! :yahoo: I'm so excited for you. I love the Massai so much!!!!:love: Gold sounds gorgeous. Can't wait to see pics!
  8. kln, I am technically challenged as well...I am patient, so take your time. Can't wait to see the pics!!!
  9. Thanks everyone!!!:flowers::flowers::flowers: I'll post pics as soon as I can. ..
  10. congratulations! can't wait to see pictures.
  11. Congrats congrats!!! so exciting!!!! pictures!!!!!!!!:heart::heart:
  12. Wow congrats!! The thrill of your first Hermes :smile:
  13. oh, love to see how the pm looks on u!!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats!!!!! wear it well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Congrats K! What a great choice! I love the Massai! I am sure you'll a lot of use out of this beautiful bag. Looking forward to seeing our pix soon!
  15. GO MASSAI! so happy for will love's a great bag...and your color sounds heavenly.......