My first Hermes, and it's pink! :D

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  1. First of all, hello Hermes subforum! It's my first post here, so nice to meet you all :smile:

    After a while of thinking I did get my first Hermes today. It's nothing much, looking at all your amazing bags, but I'm loving it :biggrin:

    I wanted
    Promenade de Longchamp Ledoux for a while now, and finally got one :smile:. I really love the designe and colour. It would look PERFECT with all my clothes (as I'm wearing almost all in pale pink, gray and nude :P). Now I only nead to search for all amazing ways to wear it :smile:

    So, here she is, my pink baby




    This one is just so romantic :biggrin:.


    Thanks so much for looking :smile:
  2. Beautiful!! Congrats!
  3. That's absolutely gorgeous! Love the color. Congrats and enjoy.
  4. What a beautiful scarf! Congratulations dollfie-lover on your H purchase. I'm not sure if you got this from the store or on-line. If you got it from the store, you should ask for the scarf booklets. I believe there are two versions -- one is like a little booklet and the other one is like a deck of cards. You could also go on-line and download the PDF versions. It's called "Playtime with your scarf".

    BTW, there are also lots of threads on how to tie scarves posted here on tPF. allanrvj probably has the list for all of them, right allan?
  5. congratulations on your first H purchase.. i love yummy pink scarf... :smile:
  6. Congratulations on your first H!!! :yahoo:
    The scarf is beautiful and sounds perfect for your wardrobe :ps:
    And welcome to the Orange Side... lots of fun ahead of you :graucho:

    Your scarf is so pretty - beautiful design :heart:
  8. Congrats and welcome to the world of orange!
  9. congrats, beautiful colors wear int he best of health and happiness and I agree welcom to the orangey H side
  10. Congrats! your first H is very pretty.enjoy.
  11. That's lovely, will fit perfectly with your wardrobe
  12. LQYB- it's just perfect. The one I was looking for

    mooks- I'm sure it will. can't wait to wear it for the first time :biggrin:
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    Gorgeous scarf! :heart: The colors are very beautiful! Your photos are fantastic as well.

    Many congrats to you, and welcome to the slippery slope of Hermes! ;)
  14. Such a beautiful scarf -- enjoy!