My first Hermes - 40cm Clemence Birkin in Rouge H

  1. Well between reading this thread and admiring photos, attending a legal conference in NYC last year and drooling over a fellow panelist's Birkin and watching Inside Man and being mesmerized by Jodie Fosters Birkin...I have taken the plunge. Thanks to recommendation of the bag and seller SandiaExchange on the Hermes authentic finds on eBay thread, right before Christmas this Chanel and Tom Ford Gucci addict received her first Hermes bag. I love it and it has become one of my favorite and most carried bags. I think I'd like a JPG next. :heart:
    DSCN2581.jpg DSCN2582.JPG DSCN2583.jpg hermes birkin rouge.jpg
  2. :yahoo: Stunning! Gorgeous! Beautiful!!!!!!:yahoo: It seems that many are succumbing to the power of the orange!!!!
  3. wow! that is some power bag! :biggrin: enjoy using her!
  4. Nice bag!

    I love rouge H.
  5. ^^^Beautiful!! You carry her so WELL!! Love the COLOR!! Congratulations!
  6. BLL WOW!!!! I've never seen a 40cm on someone before and you look FANTASTIC carrying her!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! You'll be selling those Gucci's and Chanel's before you know it!!! LOL!!!! Gorgeous bag for a gorgeous lady!!!!!
  7. OMG BLL! She really is gorgeous, I LOVE Rouge H, she looks beautiful on you. Congrats, wear her in great health!!
  8. BLL, I'm so glad you posted pics of it...I was wondering if you had gotten it yet. It looks fantastic with your height. Gorgeous color too!

    Kaz is great and a pleasure to work with.
  9. Sooooo gorgeous!
  10. congratulations. rouge h is such a terrific color! love seeing it with gh!
  11. What a gorgeous bag,You carry her so well.Congrats!!:drinkup:
  12. Gorgeous!! Congratulations!!!
  13. Stunning!
    And that's a very impressive avatar you have there!
  14. FABULOUS bag!!! It looks AMAZING on you! CONGRATS and enjoy her!!!:yahoo:Thank you for posting the pic with the bag on as I've yet to see a 40cm Birkin on anyone (and I have been eyeing that size for myself :graucho:).
  15. definitely a gorgeous bag..... I want one in that color.. hehe.... except a 40 cm birkin might be way too big for me... hehe.. congrats..