my first handbag-ish chanel item!!

  1. so for my birthday i finally got something a little more substantial from chanel. it's one of the credit card holders, but i love it sooo much. it's beige lambskin and it has tiny little ccs. oh well, it makes me happy, anyway.
  2. it sounds adorable!!!

  3. :tender: Happy Birthday~
    CONGRATS~ Please post pics...
  4. o:huh:Oo what does it look like?
  5. I love lambskin in beige. Congrats and happy birthday :smile:
  6. Congrats!! and happy birthday!:party:
  7. congrats. Please post pics of this lovely item
  8. congrats!! happy birthday!
  9. congrats, happy birthday
  10. Happy Birthday! I've wanted one like that for awhile!
  11. thanks for all the birthday wishes!! here are pics!
    Photo 122.jpg Photo 123.jpg
  12. :love: So cute~

    Congrats... Enjoy :heart:
  13. ohhhh beautiful!!! congratulations! And Happy Birthday!!!
  14. Very pretty, I love the color, and Happy Birthday!
  15. Congrats!! I got a similar one in caviar. It looks lovely! I've almost given up on carrying my wallet :smile: