my first H watch and other pretties

  1. Til now I have been an Hermes bag/scarf/bracelet girl, but I've been eyeing the H-Our watch for a while....

    Between the boutique and the FAB iris, I found my watch and two pretty keychains.


    watch2.jpg watch2a.JPG
  2. I fell for the sterling silver limited keychain and the palladium breloque charms
  3. ooops! forgot the pics.


    horse2a.JPG breloque4.jpg breloque3a.JPG horse1a.JPG
  4. Such a great watch, Katel - congrats!!l!
    Love the color of the bracelet and the little bling on the dial.
    Which keychains did you get???? Pics please!!
  5. I wore both keychains together as a bracelet; it works but just (need to have a little loop chain made for the breloque, probably a better idea).

  6. Such lovely buys Katel. The H-Our watch with the Rouge H croc strap is gorgeous. And the breloque charm would look fab on your bags.
  7. Oh I love your watch :smile: and your keychains. Congratulations !
  8. This is such a genius idea - fantastic, Katel! :wtf:
    I love the look of the Breloque, but just couldn't find any use for it. Now I know!!
    How long are both of them together? Any chance of a modeling pic on your wrist?
  9. Absolutely gorgeous trinkets, Katel! Your new watch is TD4. Did you now that you can buy a band-changing tool at H and change your H-our watch bands at home? It takes a while to get used to but now I switch H-our watch bands all the time! The added plus is that it a lot less expensive than buying new watches!

    Enjoy your new treats!
  10. Oooh......pretty!!!
  11. Katel, I love your watch. I was eyeing this watch in summer but then deceided for the kelly watch with two different straps (black and orange). but my birthday is coming in a couple of weeks :p

    Nice keychains/bracelet....awaiting some modelling pics :love:
  12. Thank you, everyone - I love it :love:


    will post a pic with the "bracelet" later...

    and, Ninja Sue - I did not know that about the band-switching tool! That is fab news!! thank you :heart:
  13. love your watch!!!! Your other buys are sooooo pretty too!!
  14. GORGEOUS!!!!!! I love it, KATEL - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! And just wait until you use your Charm Chain as a bag extender!!!!!
  15. beautiful watch - and I love the improv bracelet idea!!