My first H visit--tomorrow in Hawaii

  1. My first official H visit! Send me good thoughts!

    I'm contemplating a wallet, or a Bolide. I would love to find a bolide in one of the brown shades or raisin. I'm interested in checking out Fjord. Love the characteristics of fjord, but have to see about the weight.

    I'm planning to visit the ala moana store. If you have any thoughts or tips, I welcome all advice...
  2. Is that the store on Kalakaua Avenue? If so, I have the most lovely SA there. You can PM me for her info if you need it.
  3. No, not the same. Honolulu actually has three locations. The one she is referring to is in the fabulous Ala Moana Mall, which is where we went to last month. I think yours is the remodeled store on Waikiki. The third is Duty Free that only international travelers can get into.

    Everyone there is super kind and used to "visitors", as opposed to "regulars".

    Take your time and have fun! You've done your homework with models, colors and leathers, so you will impress them with your knowledge and love for Hermes, and that will help a lot!!
  4. Have a wonderful time, CK. The staff is lovely there. The store is not large, but they are quite friendly and helpful. They love it when you know the leathers and colors, they get really excited to show you things to drool over!
    They usually have a nice selection of small leather goods (:crybaby: ) and keychains, too!

    I have not been to the waikiki locations.

    OH, by the way, last weekend DD and I found an H watch counter on the Big Island, at the DFS Galleria at the Kings shops in Waikoloa. Total surprise, we looked in the window and saw orange boxes!!

    No leather goods, but a nice selection of watches, and they let us try them on, even though we could not shop there (no international ticket).
  5. Good Luck CK! I hope you come back with lots o' loot.
  6. Thanks so much for the info!

    I will report back on the experience and anything interesting that they have in stock.
  7. I love the Ala Moana store! They have a scarf tying even on the 6th with refreshments. My SA is a sweetie. I can PM you his name if you like. Have fun!
  8. Have Fun!!

    My SA loves the Ala Moana store, he says the SA's he meets at the Podium from Hawaii are fab!
  9. Have fun, spend lots of $$ and take pictures! :p
  10. Dear Ms. CK21:

    Friends told me the food is EXPENSIVE by 20-30% more than anywhere in US, so try NOT to eat TOO fancy, so you can save more $ for H items for us to :drool:

    Have BLAST and CAN'T wait to see what 'NEW BABIES' you will be bringing home?!

    Safe trip and have FUN FUN FUN!!!
  11. OH thats right, the scarf tying event, I think its from 2-4....on the 6th. I cant go.....

    Here is the number 808-947-3789 to check the time.
  12. I'll be in honolulu from the 10-15th as well. Maybe I'll run into you at the H btq. Look out for the mummy with a rambling baby in a maclaren... :sweatdrop: hee hee
  13. You have fun shopping! And don't forget to report back right away :yes: