My first H. reveal, a little orange box, a little reveal.

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  1. Happy birthday! The scarf is really beautiful and the visuals are so vivid!
  2. Happy belated birthday~~ Wishing your grandma a speedy recovery~ the flowers you have for your hair go so perfectly with the shawl!! Congrats! Did you make those hair accessories yourself??
  3. chaneljewel, MissMargaux, Bag-terfly (I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I wish your grandmother a speedy recovery and best wishes to you and your family :smooch:), gemibebe and boo1689 ( No I didn't, I'm not that creative :P. Actually, I bought the hair flowers at the H&M store) :

    Thank you so much everyone :flowers:
  4. I love the colours! Happy Birthday.
  5. :ty:Hermesforlife
  6. OMG, it is so beautiful! I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother! :heart: Sending prayers her way. Happy belated birthday to you, dear. Congrats again on your first Hermes! You deserve it. :hugs:
  7. Aww, thank you for your kind words, purseinsanity. That's so sweet of you :blush:
    I hope you'll have your first Birkin(s) very soon ;)
  8. Happy Birthday and best wishes to your Grandmother.

    I love jungle love, have a normal 90x90 scarf, but the design looks different than yours. I like yours too, wondering if H make a new "version" of jungle love!:nuts:
  9. is so cute...HAPPY late bday!
  10. It´s absolutely gorgeous, enjoy! Happy birthday!!! I hope your grandma is well.