My first H. reveal, a little orange box, a little reveal.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope your Grandmother is doing well. Beautiful scarf. Congrats.
  2. WOW!!!! This is sooo rich in colour, amazing scarf! It looks incredibly stunning. Congratulations and happy happy birthday!:yahoo:

    I love animals. Really like what you've got there. Happy Birthday!

  4. i love the leopards on the shawl.... almost coming alive :biggrin:
    happy birthday to u:smile:

    wish you granny a speedy recovery:smile:
  5. Happy belated birthday!! Its stunning!! :smile:

    Speedy recovery to your grandmother too!
  6. Happy birthday too. Congrats, awesome purchases!!~
  7. congratulations on that adorable pareo **Chanel**!
    and best wishes to grandmother :smile:
  8. Gawgeous!
  9. Hey young one! Happy Birthday!! Congrats on your first H. The pareo is gorgeous - such a beautiful design.
  10. Happy Birthday and best wishes to your Grandmother.
  11. Chanel - best wishes to your grandmother and you on your b-day!! Love your Jungle Love - mine looks dif from yours - dif color way and design - all the more H for us to gather!
  12. Ernskie, gelbergirl, flower71, AnythingHermes, bagmoma, may3545,
    Mree43, Libradiamonds, Jadeite, robee, jeszica, Celia_Hish, LailaT, doloresmia, valencia, periogirl28 and VickyB: Thank you all for your lovely comments and for your best wishes for my grandmother, I really appreciate it :flowers::hugs:

    But I'm still wondering if there are any experts here who can authenticate a pareo. I bought this from a well known and reputable seller, but I'd love to have it authenticated by someone who's familair with pareos, just to be sure. So if anyone can authenticate this would you please authenticate this for me? TIA :biggrin:
  13. I love that shawl...the close up made me love it more:love: Best of health to your's hard when someone you love is ill...prayers to all of you...
  14. Chanelj, congrats on the goodies, love the shawl, happy birthday and best wishes to yoru gradmother.
  15. Congrats!!!! It's so beautiful!! I completely understand what you're going through. I just got back from visiting my grandmother, too. She's been in and out of the hospital and on top of that, just had her 2nd surgery. Best thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.