My first H. reveal, a little orange box, a little reveal.

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  1. What a beautiful scarf! I love the colors, so vivid.

    Happy birthday, Chanel. I wish the best for your grandmother.
  2. So pretty! The big cats have such expressive faces!
  3. Cinderlala, LBurke9915 and Ms_Jade: Thank you so much!

    Here are some more pictures. I have these flowers (you can put them in your hair) for a while, but I think they'll match nice with this pareo/shawl, on a summer day or on the beach:



    Attached Files:

  4. WOO HOO! What a Beautiful shawl!!! Simply stunning!! Please let us
    see some modeling pics. A very happy belated birthday to you and our
    prayers are with your grandmother.
  5. Happy belated birthday, what a nice gift you got yourself!
  6. Happy belated birthday,and best wishes to your grandmother.
    Your shawl is just stunning many congratulations!
  7. Gorgeous shawl, love those colors! :yahoo:
  8. Chanel - what a beautiful scarf! Happy birthday to you and the very best of wishes to your Grandmother, I hope the next two weeks go well for you and your family! :smile:
  9. pamella, ladyhermes, chaz, pug*shoes and mearns: Thank you all for your lovely comments, you're so sweet :flowers:

    By the way, I was wondering if there are any experts here who can authenticate a H. pareo?
    I bought this from a reputable reseller, so I guess I'll be fine but just to be sure, anyone who can help me authenticate please? TIA :biggrin:
  10. What a beautiful scarf! It looks so delicate and the green is really vibrant.
  11. That is a beautiful and special H item you've got there.
    Happy Birthday.
    My best to you and your family as you provide comfort to your Grandmother.
  12. Happy bday to you!
  13. Happy belated birthday! Congrats on your new shawl!
  14. Belated happy b-day to you - luv Jungle Love, gorgy with your flowers!!
    Sending healing vibes to your gm................
  15. It's gorgeous! Happy belated birthday :smile: