My first H piece and experience!!!!

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  1. Hi everyone, I am a Hermes newbie, but finally broke the seal on my vacation and I am soo happy!!! First of all let me start by saying that I am a chanel/balenciaga girl and I NEVER thought I would be into Hermes, but I guess that is how it goes. The SA at H was the nicest SA i have ever encountered in my life, whether is be clothing or a high priced bag, she could not do enough for me. I knew going in that I wanted this bracelet and I love her so much and obviously and I want a few more to wear together, probably two of the smaller ones, I think that would look nice. So needless to say now I have gone through all the reference threads and celebrity pictures and I need a birkin, I love the blue jean color, but I am not sure about the leather since I am not that familiar with all the different types, I know I want something that is more slouchy than stiff. So now the journey begins, how do I attain such a sought after bag, I know it will take a while, but I guess that will leave me with alot of time to save. Anyway, sorry for the long post, I am so excited over this bracelet even though its only a small piece. Thanks for listening!!!
    hermes1.JPG hermes2.JPG hermes3.JPG
  2. and one more picture...
  3. It's beautiful, congrats!
  4. Well, you're off to a good start. Sounds like you may like clemence as a leather. Lovely bracelet.
  5. thanks!!! I have another question, sorry I really do not know much about Hermes. I want my next H purchase to be an agenda and I looked through the reference library and I think I really like the Ulysse, but does that have a planner in it? Or can I buy the planner for that size? I also like the ones that zip around. So I guess my actual question is, is what is a good agenda that is made for a planner? TIA!!
  6. Welcome to the Orange Side!
    Congrats on your lovely bracelet. :flowers:
  7. A lovely start!
    Welcome to the Hermes pf.
  8. congrats and welcome to orange H-land! i bought the same bangle 2 wks ago!!
  9. I love that bracelet. I'm going to H for the second time in my life tomorrow. Hope I get a nice SA too. =)
  10. I can't really answer this one, because I am strictly digital. My SA once suggested I buy one and I said "Only if it has a USB port". I think the Ulysse has different inserts, but I would ask the store to see what inventory they have available. If I recall, there is a shortage on one of the inserts right now.
  11. congrats BagLover26:smile: fabby bangle and great 1st H visit experience.

  12. Congrats - I bought that bracelet and the red one about a month ago - love them!
  13. CONGRATULATIONS, baglover. And welcome to the Orange Side.

    At my store ... we are short of all sorts of inserts. And we still haven't received the traveller/tabbed inserts.
  14. Oy! I think that's the one my store is short of. Plenty of everything else, but short on the PMs mostly.
  15. BagLover--Congrats. That's a beautiful bracelet. :smile: