My first H lovelies

  1. I usually start buying with a bang, with LV it was 2 Vernis bags at once and now I bought 3 pursecharms/keychains almost at the same time:p

    I love them all and so does my cat Lucy too:sweatdrop:
    thefamily.JPG cowdance.JPG kittydance.JPG lovelyapple.JPG lucybites.JPG
  2. How cute!!! Congrats!
  3. So cute, they look great on your bag. Congratulations, Nola!
  4. Love 'em! Have fun with them!
  5. Those are adorable! Congratulations!
  6. Thank you dears:heart:

    Some more pics of Lucy playing with the charms:p
    applelucy.JPG Kuva 1448.jpg Kuva 1449.jpg
  7. They're cute, congratulations. Don't let your cat put teeth marks on your lovely new charms, LOL
  8. :sweatdrop: I know I must be careful, it´s just really difficult to deny her of anything I love her so much!
  9. oh i am a total sucker for a sweet grey cat. :love:
    blasted allergy.
    cute charms! congratulations.
  10. They're lovely! And Lucy loves them too...:rolleyes:
  11. So cute and Lucy is adorable!!! :heart:
  12. These are so cute, congrats on your first H Nola!!
  13. Nola, The charms are so adorable!! Congratulations!!!
  14. Nola ~ I Love Them All!!! :smile: Lucy Is Beautiful!!!:heart:
  15. Those are so cute!!