My first H GP bag

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just want to share what I got yesterday from H store in SF---an Orange GP medium size. Cost include tax is $1,600.00. Very roomy and much more low key than Kelly or Birkin. So, it is definitely OK for everyday use ;)

    However, I am still waiting to get a birkin hopefully later in the future (don't know when....). Will be very patient.....:sweatdrop:
    IMG_0205.jpg IMG_0206.jpg
  2. CALily, congratulations!!! It's absolutely lovely! :love: I know you will really fall in love with Hermes deeper and deeper now that you will be carrying that darling bag every day.
  3. Yeah... I am glad that I bought this one at the store. I feel very discouraged to buy H bag on eBay.... too many fake ones and I am not an expert.
  4. CONGRATS CaLily! It's a great choice and it will look lovely with that twilly in your avatar.
  5. I know what you mean, and honestly the prices on eBay for Garden Party bags are not really a great discount from what you pay at Hermes. Plus, you got the wonderful experience of your first Hermes bag coming to you brand new, with all the accoutrement, and you are on your way to establishing a relationship with an SA! :tup:
  6. Thanks everyone, orange is definitely a good color :heart:
    Do you suggest that I keep the box?
  7. No, send it to me! LOL I use them for all sorts of things, mostly stationery, pens, that kind of thing.
    Seriously, though...yes, I think you will want to hang onto it. You may want to put your GP back into it when your Birkin arrives!
  8. OK. Thanks for your suggestion, Cynthia!