My first H experience

  1. Hello everyone!
    I just wanted to share with what a thrill it was for me to enter my very first H store. I've been lurking around here for months and my only H experience is a lovely H belt I bought from LZ.

    Well, the first store I entered was the airport store in Munchen. The SA's were very lovely and asked if I was looking for something special etc. and that I just had to say the word if I wanted too look at something. They had Bolides, Trims and Evelynes and a couple of Kelly briefcases. The window displays and the interior of the store was breathtaking. I asked to try on a couple of bracelets, having a simple H clic-clac in mind. But as this was just after the holidays they didn't have many left, and no one in my size :crybaby: I then asked for the Kelly bracelet, which was not in the display, and the SA immediately gave me a big smile, saying that they did not have any left. I think she was impressed with my small H knowledge. So we chatted on and I told her I was going to Valencia, Spain and was hoping to go to the H store there. She then rushed out and got me a copy of Le Monde (in German, but hey who cares ;)) and wished me luck in the Valencia store.

    While I was in the store a lovely woman carrying a large chocolate brown evelyne also bought a small evelyne in the same color and a lovely beige-pink plisse scarf. Wish it had been me :p

    Anyway, in Valencia we finally found the H store (after having done some damage in Louis Vuitton, Epi Zippy Wallet and Mini Lin cles :yahoo:) The store wasn't that big, but the SA's greeted us and we looked around. They had several Kellys on display and a HAC. Bolides, Trims and Evelynes everywhere. Lots of ties, scarfs, belts etc. But they didn't hardly have any bracelets :crybaby:Guess they where under a lot of Christmas threes :p So we ended up not looking or buying anything, but it truly was a great first experience. I liked that we we're "left alone" to browse and look at everything without having a nosy SA following us :p

    And thanks to all of you lovely ladies! I have to say it was so much fun walking into the store and knowing the name of bags, belts, scarves etc. Even though I can't afford half of it :p
  2. Sounds fantasic Baggiegirl. I've found the best service to be in Hermes.
  3. Sounds like a great first experience! Better luck next time...
  4. What does the Kelly bracelet look like?? Any pics??!!!! hopefully!!!!!!
  5. So glad you had a wonderful H experience!
  6. Glad you had fun! I hope this is only the beginning of lovely H items for you!
  7. Glad you left having a super experience!
  8. Congrats on your new LV items (I need another cles!!! :yes: ) andso happy you had a wonderful first time at Hermes!!! :yahoo:
  9. So glad to hear you had a great experience!!!
  10. So pleased it went well . . . congrats!
  11. Thanks everyone, can't wait to go next time (translation: can't wait for my next vacation overseas somewhere :yes:)
  12. Glad you had a good time in Hermes. I love visiting H stores :heart: