My first H bag!! (Reveal)


May 28, 2014
Somewhere warmish
I know it sounds silly but I'm so excited. I really wasn't expecting a bag today.

I'm still newish to Hermes. My first purchase was a CDC and a belt kit in 2016. The following year I bought my first scarf. Fast forward to September of this year, I connected with a new SA. I bought a Clic H and a pair of Oran sandals. During that visit, I gave him my wishlist - Kelly Sellier 28 in neutral colors like noir, gold, etoupe, gris etain, etc. On Monday he texted me about a shawl I ordered had come in. I went in today to see the shawl. Then he asked if I was in a hurry because he had something to show me. He said it wasn't a Kelly and my heart sank a bit. I still wanted to see it anyway. I'm glad I did because it was love at first sight :smile:

I picked up the scarf and a change tray so I'll reveal those first.