My first H bag is on the way!!!

  1. DH and I were in Las Vegas for a few days, staying at the Bellagio. We arrived on Sunday, and as soon as I unpacked I went by Hermes; not expecting them to be open, but wanting to press my nose up against the window. To my surprise, they were open.
    I did not find the Kelly of my dreams, but there was a beautiful chocolate brown bolide in the size I thought I wanted -31 cm. But when I tried it on, it seemed too dinky... So the lovely SA brought out a 37cm black clemence mou Bolide - it suited me perfectly! But I was hesitant to take the plunge... so I bought a horn scarf ring instead.
    That night I was kicking myself for not being bold...
    Monday, determined not to be a wimp, I went back and - the SA was not there...back tomorrow they said.
    Tuesday morning, I went in. She wasn't there yet - GAAAH! frustration! she will be in at 2pm. After lunch I head for Hermes again, this time DH is with me. We are walking by the pond, enjoying the lovely fountains. My steps slow... DH asks "What's wrong". I said "That's a lot of money..." "You don't have to get it..." "Yes I do." We take off again. My steps slow. "What's wrong now?" "I feel like throwing up..." "Okay, let's go back to the room." "No, I'm fine..." After a couple more hesitations on my part, we finally make it to the store. I see the purse again, still love it, and buy it. Since then I haven't felt any regret, maybe just a twinge of guilt.. but not enough to make me change my mind.
    Is it just me, or was anybody else this wishy-washy before buying your first H bag?
  2. the first swipe of the card is the hardest but then wow. its amazing.

    congrats. that will be one amazing bolide!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Congrats! All your worries will disappear when you receive your bag. :smile:
  4. I felt that bad after buying 3 small items. But I love them and have no regrets. ENJOY!
  5. It's lilke losing your virginity - the first time makes you nervous. After that you become a Hermes slut.
  6. LOL!
    I just had this mental image - you know those guys in Las Vegas who stand on the sidewalks passing out cards with the scantily clad women? What if they changed their demographic, and these same guys started offering cards showing... Birkins, Kellys, Bolides... :drool:
  7. Oh my gosh, congrats!!!

    Cracking up at the idea of the "purse porn" cards on the street, though! :lol:
  8. How exciting!!
  9. I guess such a huge sum of money makes anybody nervous.. Unless ur VB.. Haa..
  10. LOL! :roflmfao:
  11. Fantastic news! Florasun, don't feel guilty and enjoy her. You have just invested in something that will last you a lifetime.
  12. Congrats and enjoy your bag!! It was fate!x
  13. You are so lucky that your DH is supportive!

    A Kelly was my first H purchase. I was thinking for a few weeks before I made the purchase. When I was in bed, I was thinking if I need the bag, and the answer was no. But some nights later, I was thinking owning a Kelly again. So finally, I went back to H to make my purchase. My DH did not support me, but since I was using my money to buy it, he did not stop me, although I knew he did not like me selling a diamond ring in exchange for a Kelly bag. However, after 1 year of H collecting, my DH is quite supportive (mentally supportive, but no physically, which means he never pays!). I now get used to the pricing of H and do not feel guilty when making big purchases (to me, a big purchase is a H bag in calfskin leather, not diamonds or exotic leather bags) from H.

    I am sure you will enjoy using your bag a lot and will make the next purchase soon!

    Life is so short, get whatever you can get now, or else you will regret!
  14. Hooooray and congratulations on taking the plunge! It is hard to actually take that first step, especially when you find the bag you like so unexpectedly. But hey, think about it this way: it is better to find a bag unexpectedly and being mentally unprepared then having to search and search again and again for the one you know you want and it's nowhere in sight (:crybaby:).
    So wear it in a good health and enjoy! hey, it is a beautiful Christmas/Holiday season present :tup:
  15. It's good you went through the thought process instead of merely acting on impulse. Now that the deed is done, sit back and enjoy the fruits. Life is short indeed, take time out to smell the roses (sorry corny I know).

    Congrats! Do share pics yeah.