My first H bag is in transit!

  1. So, after much whining and saving, I finally got to purchase my first H bag. It is absolutley NOTHING SPECIAL, just a small chocolate Ahmedabad tote from Bluefly, but I am SO EXCITED! I just got the shipping email today and hopefully it will be here by Saturday! Does anyone else have this bag, or am I completely stupid for spending $500 on it? I think it's really cute and good for winter, and will satisfy my Hermes desire through the winter so I can save for my Picotin. Am I dumb for getting all excited for a wool tote? Does this bag even deserve to be in the H forum for a reveal when I get it?

    Please reassure me that I did the right thing!!!!
  2. Well the good thing about Blufly is that you can return it if you have second if you love it, keep it! and if you don't .... send it back...:yes: