my first H bag ~ an electrifying reveal

  1. Hello ladies and gents... I hope you'll humor my first ever reveal on the H subforum...

    My H addiction began fairly recently a few months ago, and since then I have only been collecting bracelets/small leather goods.

    But last week, I decided it was time to venture into the bags... I was so nervous thinking about broaching the subject with my SA... I rehearsed the conversation several times in my head... It took me about a week to finally get up the courage to make the phone call :sweatdrop:

    Finally the other day I gave her a call and told her what I was looking for... and lo and behold she said they had just received a few bags in that day :shocked: I couldn't believe my ears. She first offered me one colorway and I was hesitant about it because I wasn't familiar with it... I told her I would look into it and give her a call back... (I am NOT a spontaneous shopper and I like to plan and deliberate all my purchases, making lists and more lists :p)... When I called her back 5 hours later after deciding to take it, she told me unfortunately it had already sold. They had ONE more bag left, in a different colorway... After looking up pictures quickly, I decided the second bag she offered was definitely NOT me... I was disappointed, but consoled myself by saying it was just not meant to be.

    I was chatting with one of my good friends nakedmosher2of3 who was trying to console me, saying those two colorways offered were not "ME" anyway, and that a perfect bag would show up soon.

    A few minutes later, my phone rings and it is my SA. The person who was supposed to buy the first bag flaked out, and did I still want the bag. But now after thinking about it more and realizing the colorway was not for me, she could sense the hesitation in my voice...

    She said ""If you are not SURE, do not get this bag... it is a lot of money for a maybe! You need to LOVE it."

    So I said, "Well, is there ANY chance you have any left in colors - blues, pinks, purples..." And she said "Welllllll..... there MAYYYYYY be a xxx" and I was like :amazed::amazed::amazed: This bag was my dream color bag!!!

    But it was for another SA to sell and it had already been offered to that other SA's client, but they hadn't heard back... So my SA said, "OK, let me ask if she's willing to switch bags with me, and if the other client is purchasing it, and I will call you right back..."

    And there it is... she called me back a few minutes later and the bag was mine. I was literally squealing and screaming on the phone when I purchased it, and my SA was laughing so much...

    Anyway, so sorry for the long saga, but I wanted to give a little bit of background of the roller coaster up and down of finally owning this bag...

    Without further ado... here come the pics!!!
  2. show me plz!!!!
  3. ^ Can't wait! :nuts:
  4. I was breathless opening this bag... my first... so I took pics to document every single step of the process!

    Any guesses?!??!!
    b5.jpg b4.jpg b3.jpg b2.jpg
  5. Without further ado...

    My first....

    :cloud9: Ms. Constance Mini Bleu Electrique Epsom PHW :cloud9:
    b1.jpg b16.jpg b15.jpg b14.jpg b13.jpg
  6. ^ Gorgeous!!! The Constance is my current favorite handbag style! And Bleu Electrique is fabulous! A huge congrats!
  7. I am a small bag girl, using Balenciaga and McQueen clutches as my daily errands/going out bag... and this is a little bit bigger...

    Just an idea of what it fits... My Bearn wallet slanted, a Bastia coin purse, my cell phone, keys... still room for more....
    b12.jpg b8.jpg
  8. Woohooo girly! I am so happy this found you. It is absolutely perfect on you and this color couldn't be made for anyone better than you! You know how I feel about this one...certainly a keeper!!!:hugs::heart::heart::heart:
  9. I love how versatile this strap is!

    Here worn several ways... I :heart: it!!!

    For reference I am 5'2" short :p
    This is the Mini version - 18 cm I believe
    b11.jpg b10.jpg b9.jpg
  10. And last pic... paired with my two favorite shoes, Louboutin Royal Blue Croc Alta Dama and Meridian Strass Daffodile...

    Match made in "H"eaven :girlsigh::girlsigh:

    Guess it was made to be!

    Thank you all for joining in my excitement and letting me share!!! :hugs:
  11. Thank you pond23! The Constance is such an amazing bag!!! It's such a "sleeper hit" too I think!

    Thank you for everything M :hugs: I couldn't have done this without you!
  12. Congrats again girl!
  13. Big congratulation Carlinha. My heart was pounding as I was reading your story. So happy for you. The colour is so gorgeous. Enjoy it.
  14. WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Love it hun!!!! I totally agree with Glamourbag... That is perfection on u!!! I don't know which is more electrifying... the bag or YOU :woohoo::woohoo:
  15. Congrats!! Such a great story and such a pretty bag. It looks fantastic on you. The color is really beautiful. It definitely was meant to be yours. :smile: