My first Gucci!!!

  1. Well bag, I do have perfume! haha:nuts:
    Anyway I have the large jolicoeur tote in Black. I just bought it last night from the boutique in Omotesando. It's actually a belated birthday present that I have been debating on for a month because I liked more than one bag. But I decided on the Jolicoeur because it was the bag that caught my eye the first day I went to look. Something about the red and green stripes against the black looks so classy to me. I never cared for the online pics of it but I love it in person. Actually I never cared for Gucci in general online, until I went and saw them in person one day and fell in love.:yes:

    I took it to school with me today (it is my book tote/everything else bag). I am more pleased than I expected to be with my decision. :heart: I thought the bag would be too large but it looks great on and it is the perfect size for holding all the junk I carry around all day. It's great on my shoulder, arm, or hand too. I also wasn't too sure about the bag being completely open as well, I worry about things falling out. But I actually really love being able to get things out/throw things in without having to take the bag off my shoulder and unzip/open a flap. Sooo convenient for commuting in busy areas to not have to full too much with a bag. I love it so much!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I am kinda worried about it not holding up well though. The fabric just seems more delicate than other brands I am worried about it fraying espessially on the buttom where there are no feet.

    I will post pics later, I have to study for a test tomorrow and I'm not even supposed to be on here haha.
  2. Congrats. Can't wait to see pics.

    Just got my 4th Gucci and I am Totally addicted.
  3. Congratulations!
  4. Congrats!!!!!! Post pics!!! :yahoo:
  5. Where's the pics?
  6. sorry I will try to post them later today, I need to find my USB to upload them to the computer. I have no idea what happened to it :cursing:
  7. congrats :yahoo:
  8. All we need is some pictures of that hottie!!
  9. Post a pic!