My First Gucci

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  1. Hi everyone
    I'm really new to Gucci!
    Was browsing in Harvey Nichols on Tuesday and saw this Gucci tote (anyone know what it name is?)
    I was totally in love and bought it on an impulse
    There were two sizes but I got the smaller one as I'm only 5'
    Here it is my 1st gucci!
    DSC04101.JPG DSC04102.JPG
  2. congrats!!I like it, specially because of the charms

    I don't remember the name now but it is on the Gucci site
  3. Very nice! I love totes. Yours is called the "Jolie" tote from the spring/summer collection.
  4. Thanks for the reply!!
    I'm loving her to bits.....
    I was hunting for totes for quite some time....
    And I do believe in love at 1st sight now :love:
  5. OOOhh! I luv totes! I seen that one on the Saks website too! Congrats!
  6. After watching this I went to the store and tried the brown one and it is sooooo cute, I love the charms.

    This will be my next Gucci bag
  7. Nice. One you start. its hard to stop
  8. I really like this tote, congrats!
  9. :yahoo: congraTS...Wishing you many more to come
  10. I just bought my first Gucci today. It's the Jolie large tote with red/green web and white leather patent trim. I only see the other beige one with brown trim (other than the black one) online. Anyone knows why?

    And anyone knows how long ago the Jolie series first appeared?
  11. Adorable!
  12. Thanks everyone!! I just cant stop looking at my baby but I just dont have time to go out yet!!
  13. this is a really cute tote, nice for being your first Gucci too because it seems like i'd be very practical and i could imagine you'd use it a lot because of that. sorry you weren't able to use it yet, i'm sure it's dying to be used just as much as you're dying to want to use it ;-D
  14. Congrats.
  15. This is such a cute tote.