My first Gucci

  1. Well as one of my many Bday presents, I bought this tote that I saw in Saks. I love Gucci glasses, but this is my first bag!

  2. Beautiful, i love it! Congrats
  3. Congrats.
  4. Stunning purchase!!!!!
  5. omg Erica, that bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!! gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!
  6. :heart: :heart: congrats.
  7. :biggrin: Thanks! I'm going to be wearing this all the time. It will hold everything I need and the kitchen sink! Those are the kinds of bags I like!:biggrin:
  8. Congrats Elongreach!!! Its gorgeous :biggrin:
  9. if you don't mind me asking, how much did they turn out??? such a gorgeous bag!!!! congrats!!
  10. so nice! if you don't mind me asking, was it on sale?
  11. i love this style, but i've never seen one with the bordeaux's just beautiful:heart::heart:
  12. Your bag is lovely. Congratulations on making your first Gucci purchase!!!!! Here's a toast to you and your new baby.:biggrin:

    What other kinds of bags do you have?
  13. Ok the price on this is 1290 plus sales tax. It wasn't on sale. My SA said they just got them in a few days earlier. They had a couple when I went. As for my other bags, I'm all over the place. LV, Balenciaga, MJ, Chanel, Coach, and some random bags I pick up from Purse Stores. We're in the process of moving and I'm going to get a little wardrobe to put everything in and a LOCK so my mother can't get in it.
  14. congrats!

    Curious...What type of closure does the bag have?
  15. It has a hook closure that locks on the other side of the bag.