my first gucci !

  1. & I've never been so excited ! I'm usually a juicy/ coach kind of girl but ive been needing something different and this was the purse for me ! :yahoo:



  2. Congrats! The New Britt hobo looks good on you :p
  3. thanks grl ! im so excited and im posting late so im glad someones commenting haha !
  4. super cute! congrats!!
  5. thanks im only 16 so im probably a little too excited haha
  6. from a fellow girl who just purchased her first gucci .. congrats! it's a very cute bag on u! enjoy it! =)
  7. eek thanks :biggrin:

    where did you get yours from ?

    i got mine from a Neiman Marcus but i wanted to get it from the gucci store so i could get a gucci box and everything but my mom had them give me a Neiman Marcus box so it was alright
  8. congrats on your 1st gucci!
  9. Congrats I woz only 15 when i got my first gucci bag so i know how excited you must be and i jst turned 17 dis year and got my second Gucci and still excited
  10. congrats.. its a nice bag...
  11. congrats it looks good on you!!!
    but how's the handle? not too short?
  12. Congrats on getting your first Gucci! Great bag!
  13. congrats on your first gucci bag! its lovely.
  14. Congrats!!!!

    I have the same bag but with white trim and beige canvas.

    I bought it a few months ago and until today never used it. (I got too many new purses to close together) I LOVE this purse. It is so comfy on my shoulder. What I like best is it does not slide off. I think this is going to be my main summer bag.
  15. congrats! i got my first gucci last year at 17 and its such a brill age to get a gucci! you feel so... erm i dont know lol special :S (?) haha