My first Gucci, YEAH!!!

  1. This is my first Gucci. I love it very much~~~ I bought it from Las Vegas, Cesar Palace's store. I love Gucci, I love my bag~~~:yahoo:

    I would like to buy a Gucci wallet. Bi-fold would be great, but I am okay with continental one. Any suggestion?

    Thanks a lot, girls~~~

    Picture of my baby bag!!!
  2. Wow! I love it. What is the name of that bag??
  3. That is cute cute cute!!! :love: do you live in Vegas or were you just visiting.
    My hubby and are going Feb. 18th. Can't wait!!! we'll be staying at the wynn :yahoo:

    that's the small horsebit nail boston bag.
  4. Congrats!
  5. Beautiful bag! Congrats!!
  6. Cute bag! Congrats!
  7. Looks good! congrats!
  8. ooooooh i love it!!! very good choice for a 1st Gucci!!! i'm sure that won't be the last.... :graucho:
  9. Thanks everyone!

    Hello bkp0: It is a "Horsebit nail" small boston bag

    HIHI gucci lover: I am not living in Las Vegas. I just spent a week there. I wanted to buy a handbag, choosing between LV Speedy and this one. But when I walked into the Gucci store, saw it and just fell in love with it. "Love at first sight:graucho:"
  10. Congratulations! It's a beautiful bag. Good choice on your first purchase.
  11. Love the horsebit nail detail! Congrats!
  12. Oh how beautiful that bag is
  13. I like that bag! Congratulations
  14. Oh, I love it
  15. Cnograts, cute! I was just looking at that online! :drool: