My First Gucci!! Woo Hoo =D

  1. I purchased this bag in Hong Kong during my vacation. I believe it's called the trophy boston bag. I havn't seen this style before until I went to the Gucci boutique and just had to have it. It costs $6390 HKD which was roughly under $800 CDN with the exchange rate at that time. Does anyone know how much it costs in the US or Canada? I saw it on the Gucci Website but it didn't say the price since it was the "other countries" site not the US site.
    DSCF0364.jpg DSCF0365.jpg DSCF0366.jpg
  2. Oh cute!! congrats on your first gucci!!! Thanks for sharing pics.
  3. Very cute, Congrats on your first Gucci!
  4. Very cute! Any modeling pics??
  5. Congrats! It's beautiful!
  6. ^^peev i just noticed your location. Lucky duck!!! check out the gucci celebrity thread. i just posted Kat McPhee there.
  7. Here are some modeling pix.
    DSCF0367.jpg DSCF0371.jpg DSCF0372.jpg
  8. The bag is so cute! It looks great on you, congrats!
  9. that bag looks great on you. It's really not that small at all.
  10. It looks great on you - good size for at bag :yes:
  11. juicy those shoes are perfect for your new bag... really suits you!!
  12. Looking good, love the way it matches with your shoes.
  13. congrats!! pretty!! :smile:
  14. omg i love that bag!!! i think i need to swing past gucci this week. did it come in different colors?
  15. Congratulations! Enjoy in good health.