my FIRST gucci - sunglasses

  1. [​IMG]


    my first gucci sunglasses.. i :heart: it!
  2. Ooh.. Very nice! Congrats!
  3. wow.. they look very cool.. i like the way the lense seems to 'wrap around' your face!
  4. isnt it the best... i have the same pair but in tortise... congrats on buying a great pair of glasses
  5. Nice!
  6. looks really nice. . i like the sides
  7. Congrats... Love Them
  8. Those are really nice! I just got my first pair of Gucci Sunglasses a coupe of months ago, and I love them!!!
  9. me too! love them...
  10. Those are nice.
  11. Very nice-congrats
  12. love them! i :heart: Gucci sunnies. I totally want a Chanel one but I haven't found a pair yet that I like more than my current Guccis. So until then, Gucci it is! :smile:
  13. let see them on you!!
  14. Those are really gorgeous sunglasses!

    I love Gucci for sunglasses!!
  15. Those are gorgeous!!!! I need to run out and try to see if it fits my face. :nuts: