My first Gucci reveal!

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  1. Hello Gucci lovers!

    This is a very exciting day for me. I had a lovely afternoon having lunch and shopping with a friend. I didn't buy much in town, but when I got home this evening I found a big UPS box waiting for me.:yahoo:

    Presenting my first ever Gucci reveal here at tPF, and this is also my first Gucci bag (not counting a vintage bag I bought a few years ago which I didn't like very much and sold not long after I got it).

    Is anyone around for a reveal? :biggrin:
  2. :yahoo:

    go for it!
  3. I'm here! Bring it on!
  4. Here's the lovely box. :biggrin:

  5. And the dust bag...

  6. Peeking out...

  7. I LOVE these new boxes...makes me want something.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. It's my new large signature web tote! I love it. :biggrin:


    And a picture without flash...

  10. Love the little web detail!

  11. :yahoo:

    Fabulous, so pleased for you boyover

    I want modling pics :lol:
  12. I love it! Very nice purchase.
  13. WOW love it!
  14. Congrats! Love the gg plus!
  15. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: congrats!!!