My first Gucci! Please help me decide :)

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  1. Hello there fellow Gucci lovers! So I've been in the market for my first Gucci handbag. I am planning to purchase her pre-loved, I'm just not sure which one would be the best handbag for spring/summer. During fall/winter, I carried my speedy 30 in DE, but I'm really enjoying the shape of these two Gucci bags. Please help me decide between the:
    Gucci Rania Medium GG Drawstring Shoulder bag or the Gucci Ladies Web GG Canvas Large Hobo Shoulder bag

    Your opinion is greatly appreciated! Thank you :smile:

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  2. I prefer the Rania for the Summer (you will have to be organised in a N-S bag) but I know that the Web is a very popular bag, and many people who buy one buy another version
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  4. I like the drawstring better. :smile:
  5. The Web is a common style of Gucci, which I like and have a couple in that style. But I can see the draw of the drawstring as well. They kind of fit different styles- which one do you see yourself using?
  6. My vote goes for the hobo. I have this in black signature and very light and comfy bag to wear. Still looks great after many years.
  7. Drawstring!!! I love it!

  8. First, N-S bag? Non-structured? I'm pretty sure this will be one of those "oh, of course" moments...

    Second,I prefer the second bag. I am not a big fan of drawstring bags (for me, more about usage/wear and tear than appearance). Also, and I do not mean to insult anyone, but the drawstring bag in the pic above reminds me of a tennis racket cover upside down (old style).
  9. Hi ladies! Sorry I've neglected this post for a few days.. For some reason I'm leaning towards the drawstring handbag a bit more. It's giving me spring/ summer vibes! Thank you all for your replies 😊

  10. :lol:

    North-South (tall rather than wide, which can mean hard to see and find things on the bottom)

    I think you are right about the tennis racket, I think that's why I quite like it (the 1970s Gucci tennis racket bag was the lifestyle accessory to have, although admittedly in the 1970s)
  11. May any one answer my question? Is there any GUCCI handbag tag just says GUCCI without the R in circle and "made in italy" phrase. Some people says that GUCCI tags are different in different regions of Europe and GUCCI does not limit its production in Italy, but also other Europe countries like France, Spain, England... I have my self seen an authentic GUCCI handbag that says "made in England".
  12. Love the drawstring!!

  13. Oh, of course! (see!)

    And that is why fashion is so wonderful: so much to choose from that we can all find what draws us!

    Overall, whichever one you choose, you will be happy - it's a Gucci!
  14. I love the Raina!!! I love bags that are a little different from the usual ;)
  15. I like the Gucci Ladies Web GG Canvas Large Hobo Shoulder bag more