my first Gucci! *PICS* ...Is it too massively large?

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    I just got my first Gucci off eBay! I'm pretty sure it's authentic. I posted in the Authenticate This thread and will post my own pics of it later.

    But anyway, the seller listed the size, but I didn't think anything of it! It's HUGE. It's more like a bag to hold things for travel maybe and not so much for running around...

    When I went to Vegas this girl had the same one but in BLACK and it was suede I think. Anyone know what one I'm talking about? I don't remember it being so huge though.

    I was also interested in the LARGE chain hobo. I've seen it on plenty of people but I wonder if I would have run into the same problem of it being too huge?

    I'm 5'2" by the way.

    Well what do you guys think? I attached some pictures. One looks green because I made it brighter so just ignore that of course haha.

    Too big?? Please tell me the truth. I really won't care if it does. I'll probably use it for a while maybe... if not I'll probably sell it if I don't get used to it and just buy a different one! But this was one of the styles I wanted and I'm picky I think... just didn't realize it would be THIS HUGE.
  2. i think it would be super cute for work/school...and the LARGE chain hobo??? i believe it would be either that size or bigger on u!! I have the medium and im 5'7 anddd i think its a little big/perfect size!!! I tried on the large nd it was wayyyy to huge, but super cute! ;)
  3. I actually would feel weird bringing it to school now though :'( I know what you mean because of the size, definitely! And I may get over it and bring it, but I feel like the size makes it even more showy, but that's mostly because like nobody in my school carries designer bags.
    But yeah it's a good size for that... but way too big to take for a night out I think.

    I'm so torn! I like it but it's so big. I don't think it's going to be as easy for me as I thought by selling it and buying a different one haha.

    That's good to know though about the large chain hobo because that was the one I really really wanted but I couldn't find an authentic one on eBay. But now I feel like I would have been even more surprised by the large size!

    Thank you for letting me know what you think!
  4. I really like it. I don't think it is too big at all. But i like big bags.
  5. Personally I am not a big fan of it on the shoulder. I do get what you mean by it is a bit big for you. IMO I think this is a beautiful bag and if it were me I'd be handcarrying it. If you're using it for school/uni that might be a bit impractical esp if you have a lot in it. I'm more of a hand carry than shoulder bag girl.

    It all comes down to what you prefer. I think it's a beautiful bag but if you don't like it let it go. As for the chain bit hobo, I'm 168cm tall (or 5 ft 6) and I feel that it's too big for me. You should ask Tiffer cos she just bought 2.
  6. I love hand carrying too! Hand carrying this seems to be almost like carrying a brief case, except a very square shaped brief case.

    I love it but I'm not used to how large it is. The largest bags I have are for example that Coach reversible stripe tote that came out this year, and then another model of the same dimension, I mean it's a big size but it's not so big like this.

    I keep trying it on and looking at it in the mirror, as if it will look any smaller.

    Now that I have it it's getting so hard to imagine selling it and getting another one.

    As it's my first Gucci bag and I really haven't tried on Gucci bags, are they all relatively big? I mean the ones that are considered large, are they actually large? It feels like the bags I'm used to that are large are just their biggest and yet I am wondering if large Gucci bags live up to the term large-- if that makes any sense!
  7. Congrats!
    I think the size is perfect for work/school..
  8. I like it. The size is not too large for you IMO.
  9. Thanks! I'm glad it doesn't look too oversized to you guys-- I think I'm just not used to it is the problem maybe.
    I don't know WHY I'm having such a problem with this bag! Maybe it's because I have had it in my head that it's about half the size it actually is... and that it's my largest bag yet.

    Although I will admit that the more I take the mirror with me and and do the "360 view" thing into a wall mirror I am starting to get more used to it just by looking at it on me.
    The first picture I think is the best for the scale between myself and the bag.

    blaaahhh, I think it's a keeper though, now I'm becoming more sure.

    Thanks for letting me know what you guys think of the size!!
  10. I love it! And I think it's a really great size. If you don't put a lot in it then it won't look unstructured, yet if you put tons in it they will fit nicely. Gorgeous!
  11. I love it!!! I love my bags big! That is really pretty. I think it looks great on you.
  12. Looks gorgeous! Not too big on u at all...
  13. I think it looks good, I love large bags!!! But I think the hobo is a little bit bigger...
  14. i love big bags so I think it looks great on you.
  15. i often think bags are too big but i think that one is perfect for you! it looks good on you