My first Gucci - large chain hobo

  1. So, I finally got my first Gucci bag. I love it. It's the monogram Gucci large chian hobo in ebony/beige.
    The only problem is that when I put just a few things in the bag, the bottom seems like it's going to fall through. Anyone have any advice?
  2. Congratulations on your new bag!! welcome to the forum.
    But where are the pics? :graucho:
  3. that's a great 1st Gucci bag....yes where are the pics..i wanna see them. :tup:
  4. Congrats! It supposed to be a slouchy bag, that's why it probably feels that way.
  5. CONGRATS! That's a cute bag! :tup: Hurry and post some pics!!
  6. The bottom will not fall out. Like the op said it is a slouchy bag. Look in the reference library and you can see pics of others carrying their bags. My only gripe about mine is that it seems to be a big black whole I can never find things in.
  7. i believe it's suppose to be a slouchy bag...let it hang.
  8. Oh, definitely it's supposed to be weighed down by the contents!

    The problem I see with mine, or at least, maybe it's just a pet peeve I have with it, is the sides. Everything stays in the middle which kind of makes the bottom corners fold and look really empty. Maybe others do this also but I haven't seen it personally!
  9. congrats!

    pics please!! :yes:
  10. Congratulations on such a great first bag.
    Where are the pictures?
  11. Congrats, that makes two of us! I just got my chain hobo in the mail late last week and I'm trying to come up with every excuse I can to put it on. :biggrin:

    I'd previously purchased what turned out to be a fake bag. Now I'm waiting for PayPal to issue me a refund (fingers crossed).They claim it might take 30 days and they may require an official letter from Gucci stating that the bag is fake. Have any of you had experience with this type of thing? (Apologies if this is the wrong thread for this topic...)
  12. congrats! I need to get used to the large size!
  13. congrats on the new bag
  14. Yes, where are the pic :woohoo:
  15. This is a wonderful bag... I'm going to the outlets in Feb (my birthday week!) and I'm hoping to pick up a nice gucci... we'll see!