My first Gucci! Introducing GRACE! *PICS*

  1. hey all, I usually buy Coach and LV bags and today I went into the Gucci store for the first time and came out with something. :yahoo: Here she is.. my very own Grace Medium Boston Bag!! :yahoo: Enjoy the pictures!!
    front.jpg back.jpg side.jpg inside.jpg
  2. CONGRATS! SO cute!
  3. yeah it is cute! congrats!
  4. Congrats!! It's pretty!! I'm still in the hunt for my first Gucci:p
  5. have fun hunting! although the hunting is easy, it's the narrowing down that's hard! :p
  6. congrats ! i was interested in this bag too but ended up buying the "new britt"... enjoy your grace.
  7. congratulations! what a great first gucci!
  8. wow congrats!! nice roomy bag!
  9. that is a gorgeous gucci!!!! congrats!
  10. its adorable! congrats!
  11. Congratulations.
  12. it's lovely.. congratz.
  13. Beautiful! Enjoy her!
  14. This is indeed a beautiful Gucci and looks so classy. Congrats
  15. Very nice.