My first Gucci in I forget how many YEARS!

  1. I posted it in the LV forum because I took a group shot of my wallet, and kinda completely forgot that I didn't post here!

    Any who I will retell the story

    I was having a TERRIBLE day! I left work in the worst mood and I ran home knowing I need some retail therapy to help me haha. So I called Gucci to see about my bag and if they had more than one in that I could choose from, they had 3! so I flew to the Mall, got there, they had the WRONG bag, it was the small one and I got really nervous because I didn't want them to only have ONE of the bags I wanted with the GG pattern not lined up correctly and look funny. Well it was PERFECT... I hope I don't get addicted haha because I saw some other Gucci's I LOOOOOOOVED.

    I will take more pictures soon

  2. ooooo love it!!! congrats welcome to the gucci subforum!!
  3. Here is a better photo

  4. congrats - hope your TERRIBLE day got to be a :yahoo: gucci day
  5. Congrats! Great tote! Love how much it can hold too.
  6. This bag is HUUUGE! it goes VERY deep! and the inside pocket goes all the way to the bottom!


  7. it is 17in tall and 16 wide with a depth of roughly 5 inches for only $480.00 lol
  8. I :heart: it!!!!!! congratulations. Wow,:nuts: it's been that long since you purchased a gucci? hahaha i wish i could say that :push:.. lolz. Are you using this bag as a work tote or for travel? I want one for the plane!!! :wlae:
  9. Beautiful! Love the size!!!
  10. I will use it for school
  11. WOW what a great price for that tote! Well I :heart: it
  12. congrats on the bag!
  13. great bag for school - infact not great - it is fabulous.... love it.
  14. Congrats on the new tote! I just got a Duffel bag that looks like that!
  15. oh ok, cool - you'll be the most stylish at school :smartass: