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  1. Hi ladies! Here's my FIRST Gucci bag EVER..:nuts: Anyway, I'm having slight buyer's remorse...I can't decide if I want to keep the white trim Biba hobo as I have here, or go back and exchange it for the chocolate trimmed one...

    The white trim is great for summer and all the summery clothing colours I'll be sporting, but my heart really wants the chocolate trimmed as it makes the bag stand out so much more...any opinions? The reason I bought the white instead of the chocolate as I originally intended, was because the white was the LAST in stock
    at both Holt Renfrew and the Gucci store in Vancouver, so I felt that the white was just nicer since more people have gotten it...but now I can't stop thinking of the brown, and neither can my bf!

    One more thing -- do you think this bag will be on sale?! I'll murder someone if it ends up going on sale! :wtf:

  2. I like brownnn babe!!! the bag is gorgeous!!!!
  3. i say, get the brown!
  4. i love the brown...ive honestly never been a fan of the white!!! :smile:
  5. super cute!!! congrats on a lovely bag!!!;)
  6. Brown it is.
  7. I like the white better!
  8. it's gorgeous, congrats!
  9. I like the white! But you're right about the brown trim making it stand out more. Either way, congrats on a great purchase!!
  10. HAHA damn...ok i'm going to exchange it you guys think it'll be on sale?!
  11. Bee-licious...I love the bag! You know me, I'm partial to white, I wear it year round - screw fashion rules!

    I had to choose between the white or brown Large Horsebit you know, I choose the one with the white trim, I've never regretted it! I just feel like it pops more...

    Of course, choose what your heart most leans towards, you won't go wrong!

    Regarding your question about it going on sale, I think that there is a strong possibility...check out the following link, this cream guccissima biba is on sale! Call your nearest Gucci on Friday and ask a nice SA to check if it will go on sale this Saturday ( Gucci Pre-sale starts)...canvas bags are 40% off!;jsessionid=P0TTRPJCXBSCYCQAAKKBACI?itemId=prod28410035&parentId=cat11000735&masterId=cat7230737&index=22&cmCat=cat000000cat10270737cat8290732cat2760737cat7230737cat11000735[​IMG]
  12. Forgot to mention, the Cream Guccissima Biba I mentioned is on SALE for $1169 from $1670...

    $500 off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts:
  13. Oh crappppppppppp if its going to be on sale, I'm going to have to return the bag :sad: price adjustments too I bet!!! haha I think I'm going to go for the brown. For this particular bag, I think it makes it pop more...the studs look delicious against the brown.

    But tifferz, like you, I LOVE WHITE..and I definitely wear it year round :P But for some reason, this bag looks kind of "blah" to me IRL...decisions decisions.. Thanks for your help tifferz! I'm going to ask my SA. He told me to book an appt with him this saturday :smile: If I put things aside this Saturday, will I be able to purchase them that day, or once the sale starts? Thanks again!
  14. Presale starts this Saturday, so if you can get your SA to sell to you on that day, do so! By the time the general sale starts (June 6th), all the good stuff will be gone by then. If not, I'm sure he'll hold the bag you want for you if you give him your credit card. That's what I did with my SA! Good Luck!
  15. Don't return the white! I'm with Tiffer. All my Gucci's I have bought are all cream/white leather. I think the white just looks so much better. From the photos you and TIffer are asian (what a genius I am!) and I reckon the white leather just matches asians so much better.

    But if you really really like the brown go for it. Ultimately it's your money... but my vote is for the cream/white! In fact I am going back for another cream/white leather bag again in the next few weeks, just have to decide which... ;)