My first gucci, help me pick.please=)

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  1. #1 Jul 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2009
    This is my first thread, not sure if I sound corny but I need help deciding on a great gucci bag for a good price, maybe one on sale?? Maybe one or two in the min. $400-$1000 max. I'd appreciate any help.:sos:
  2. Get the Sukey in GG canvas either in medium or large. It is gorgeous and a worth to buy bag coz it comes with a beautiful bag charm. I just got my first Gucci ..Sukey 5 days ago and I love it so much! Good Luck!
    My Sukey 5.JPG
  3. What kind of bags do you like? shoulder bag? handheld? messenger??

    Gucci is currently at the end of the summer sale.. if you act fast, you might still gte some really really good deals.. there are also tons of bags now ship to outlets!! Check out the outlets thread for ideas!!
  4. ITA. Maybe go to Gucci main store or an outlet and try lots on - otherwise you prob won't know what we're talking about.

    Although I like their all-leather bags better, price wise a canvas + leather trim Gucci boston or a Sukey in a colour-way you like would be a great intro.

    Better still a Guccissma Med leather Boston would be great in any colour that you like.
  5. Get a boston!
  6. aw thanks, i think im driving to San Marcos this weeked.. Im for sure! i checked out the outlet thread and it helped!

  7. if u dont mind me asking... did you get this from
  8. im was thinking about getting a boston but i dont want to copy my sister in law.
  9. #9 Jul 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2009
    i know im getting a gucci purse this friday and I know that Im also getting this bag when it drops!!!!!!!!!!

    Im trying to start a purse collection bc i just finished my designer jeans collection. I recently bought a louis vuitton Bellevue GM in the Monogram Vernis pattern the color is amarante but thats the only high price that I own and I got rid of all my coach purses.
  10. No, I got it from Hong Kong airport at HK$6990. I am so lucky coz I got the Sukey with white Guccissima leather trim which is so limited. They have it in both medium and large size.:biggrin:
  11. Welcome to the Forum!

    Have fun at the outlet in San Marcos. Also stop by the boutique and get familiar with all the different styles and try them on. Sometimes things sitting on the shelf magically transform into something wonderful when it gets in your hands or on your shoulder. This has happened to me many times.
  12. thanks yall are both sweet, thanks for the help!!!!!

  13. I know I'm super late (new to TPF)...But which 1st Gucci did you choose?
  14. Suki - it is my first and I just LOVE it!