My first Gucci from the Cruise Line (Joy Med Tote)

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    Thoughts? Mine were that it would be a great starter Guicci. I already have a couple of Prada's from the 2007 fall line and a HUGE Miu Miu fall 2007 as well so many others from this year. Also bought a Jimmy Choo Liquid Mahala a couple of months ago, so I am concerned about the size of the Gucci. The dimensions are:

    10"w x 12"h x 5" deep

    I could not find any pics of the bag being carried and am worried that it might be too small. Anyone know where I can find other pics and what are your thoughts on the bag (good and bad are welcomed)
  2. I personally liked this bag the moment I first saw it. It's so practical, and the size is perfect. The price is also outstanding for such a piece. I definitely plan on getting one soon!
  3. Congrats!! Your goign to love it. I have the boston medium and I love it. Its a great bag!
  4. Great bag! I love the new color style Gucci came up with, esp. the gunmetal handles! That is a great color, not too shiny and not too dull! Great choice!
  5. i honestly do not like gucci plus...BUT i do not mind the white version of the material!

    I say if you go for this bag get the white one, its hot :smile:
  6. this bag is great...i love it
  7. I like the white one too, however it is a pre order. I am thinking about getting the Joy Med Boston in white.
  8. Does anyone know where I can find pics of someone carrying it? I would love to see the size so when it arrives I know what to expect.
  9. im am loving this bag. congrats!
  10. post pics when you get it!
  11. I like it alot!
  12. does the top have a zipper or a snap or is it just open?
  13. I like it and what a great price too! I heard the GG plus fabric is very durable. I would love to get a GG Plus bag.
  14. This is style +++++++++++++ good taste;)
  15. It is very unique! I really like it.