my first gucci from!

  1. hi guys !
    got my first gucci bag from bluefly. i was so happy and excited when i opened the package but then i noticed something odd on the stitches surrounding the gucci emblem/medallion(don't know what to call it).please let me know what you think..
    ron ring 027.jpg ron ring 012.jpg ron ring 013.jpg ron ring 014.jpg ron ring 023.jpg
  2. Are you talking about the white contrast stitching? I bought this bag in black from bluefly, it is authentic . What exactly are you worrying about? When you look at the care booklet does yours have a tag on it with the price in euros? Mine has it , I wonder where it is from?
  3. Congrats BTW, it is a great bag , holds alot . I love it.
  4. thanks!! the care booklet does not have a tag. the stitching is kind of crooked(see pics 2). is it like that? forgive my ignorance but this is my first gucci...thanks!
  5. i know bluefly does sell fakes so i would be really cautious!
  6. the bag looks great. i dont think its fake for the price that im sure you paid for it on Bluefly it better be real.
  7. thank you all for all your input negative and positive alike. i do appreciate it. i did notice the stitches from the gucci site and it really made me feel better!
  8. I have had nothing but positive experiences with bluefly- Congrats on your purchase!